Photographer | Hairdresser & Make-Up-Artist

My Exibition at Photo 15 "The Regrets of a Young Bride"

Written by Enzo - -

His devotion to beauty shines through the quality of his pictures: a personal and deeply expressional aspect of his ingenious world. Enzo is in charge of his works from the initiation of the project, to the final printing of the work; from his ideas he elaborates the concepts, produces the atmosphere, creates the looks, finds the locations, and transforms his models into the characters he fantasised about. The sceneries he envisions are always inspired by a precise idea. The exposed works were inspired by a childhood memory. Enzo grew up in a little village near Naples, in a feminine environment, surrounded by women, where he witnessed many “Regretful Brides”; marrying because of social and cultural obligations and traditions, against their will. In this exhibition, Enzo tries to give them a tribute.

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Livia Bommer

Written by Enzo - -

Photographer & Hair: Enzo Di Caprio Model: Livia Bommer Make-Up: Angela Meleti